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Bandcamp Daily

Bandcamp 2016 Year In Review

And now some genuinely great news in an otherwise unremarkable week: every aspect of Bandcamp’s business was up in 2016. Digital album sales grew 20%, tracks 23%, and merch 34%. Growth in physical sales was led by vinyl, which was up 48%, and further boosted by CDs (up 14%) and cassettes (up 58%). Every single one of these numbers represents an acceleration over last year’s growth. Hundreds of thousands of artists joined Bandcamp in 2016, more than 2,000 independent labels came on board (like Dischord, Merge, and Dualtone), and the rate of fan signups tripled. Fans have now paid artists nearly $200 million using Bandcamp, and they buy a record every three seconds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The record business overall did not fare as well. According to Nielsen, it grew 3% in the U.S. in 2016, while sales of digital albums…

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Google Play Music Increases Cloud Storage Limit To 50,000 Songs   Leave a comment


Google has bumped the storage limit for its locker service for Google Play Music from 20,000 to 50,000 songs, giving users more than double the capacity to store their own collection in the cloud, over and above the extensive streaming library that makes up Google Play Music’s own category. The extended library allowance is a free upgrade for users, meaning people get the additional capacity without having to sign up for more Drive storage or anything like that.

The bump in available space is easy to take advantage of, and applies automatically if you’re already hosting your collection in Google’s cloud. If you haven’t yet used Google Play Music’s locker service, however, it’s pretty easy to get started, using the instructions provided by Google below:

  1. Sign in to Google Play Music with your Google account – Go to your computer and visit play.google.com/music. Sign up if needed.
  2. Claim your free…

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Here’s Why Music Lovers Are Turning to Vinyl and Dropping Digital   Leave a comment


Music purists and nostalgists alike have reason to rejoice: sales of vinyl records are on the rise.

According to data released last week by Nielsen Soundscan, more than 9.2 million vinyl records were sold in the U.S. last year, marking a 52% increase over the year before. The Wall Street Journal also reports that the vinyl sales are the highest numbers recorded by SoundScan since the music industry monitor started tracking them back in 1991. Meanwhile, data from the British Phonographic Industry revealed that for the first time in nearly 20 years, more than one million vinyl records were sold in the U.K. in 2014. (The last time the milestone had been achieved in Britain was in 1996.)

Even more startlingly are the figures on digital sales. While Nielsen revealed that streaming was also up, purchases of digital downloads dropped 9% for albums and 12% for songs in 2014.


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No, FLAC Does Not “Sound Better” – Here’s What It Actually Is And Why It’s Important   Leave a comment

Warm Leftovers

Lately, I have read more and more individuals preaching the sonic virtues of FLAC with literally no idea what they are talking about. They spout annoying, misleading drivel that has no basis in reality whatsoever. Let’s learn about FLAC, why it’s good, and why it isn’t, shall we?

What in the fuck is “FLAC”?

FLAC is an audio encoding format. It’s also a very good one for a number of reasons. FLAC is a “lossless” format, meaning none of the data from the source recording is compressed or removed (assuming you use the same bit depth [not the same thing as bit rate] and frequency range). This is inarguably a good thing. Lossless is the word of the year (or last 3) among audiophiles, but the implications of lossless have been twisted and manipulated in ways that are just not factually supported.

Why is FLAC awesome (and is…

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What $500 Million And Jay-Z Say About the State Of Streaming In 2015   Leave a comment

Music Industry Blog

2014 was a big year for streaming, 2015 will be bigger. Apple entering the fray is the catalyst. Apple enters a market when it is ready for primetime. Apple lets the pioneers establish the market, prove the model and create consumer mindshare before it comes in and most often assumes a leadership role. Apple is certainly leaving it later than normal with subscriptions but it is still the same classic follower model, and the marketplace knows it. Hence Jay-Z’s reported €50 million interest in Norwegian streaming service WiMP and Spotify’s reported pursuit of a further $500 million. The first move is ‘let’s get in a market Apple is about to make huge’ and the second is an Apple war chest

Spotify’s 2014 growth was little short of spectacular, especially its December surge. But it is still not enough to IPO on. Not because 15 million subscribers in…

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Interview – Madelyniris   Leave a comment

The Green Hearts

We got the chance to sit down with Madelyniris about her new Ep “Adventures”, and her currently in production Music Video.

So you have a kickstarter to fund your music video. Can you tell us more about that and why in a sea of fundraisers, we should heed your cry?

This Kickstarter is for my first music video, directed and filmed by Sparked Media Collective. I wanted something high quality that would represent the music on adventures, as well as be visually and conceptually beautiful. Music videos really enhance the music and provide a second medium of entertainment art. The combination of audible art and visual art can, and has, propelled many careers in both of those arts.
The fundraiser for this music video is unique. First of all, Naomi (owner of Sparked) is doing this for suuuuper cheap. Music videos can cost an upwards of $25,000, which I cannot…

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Gregory Jerome – XRV   Leave a comment


Gregory(@reality3500) just released this visual for his spoken word piece, “XRV“, which depicts reflections of a personal journey as well as heritage counterparts.

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